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iAspire to Work With Children [.I LOVE Them.].. Hope to One Day Become An Occupational Therapist Specializing In The Care Of Handicap Children.

iHave A BIG Heart.. Caring.. Compassionate.. Very Affectionate.. LoveyDovey Type Person.

Family FIRST.. I Would Do Anything for Those I Cherish & Love.

iLove Expressions Of One's Mind/Spirit In Every Form [Music, Photography, Tattoo's, Piercing's, Art, SpokenWord.. Etc.]

QUEER [To Say The Least]. Androgynous Even (Look It Up).

I Fall Somewhere Between An Older Woman & A Young Man. Can Throw On Some Heels.. Although I Prefer A Nice Fedora, Button Up, & A Tie. [.I DONT Discriminate.. Or Knock Any Elses Sexual Decisions. I Myself Date Both Studs & Fems. (I Prefer Studs) But I Am A LESBIAN.. Meaning A WOMAN Who Loves Other WOMEN. Clothes Dont Make A Person. All People Make A Name For Themselves (#knowledge).]

iLove.. Love.. It's Like Breathing In Air for Me.. Constantly Flowing.. Always Available.. Just Waiting to Be Embraced.

iChant To Lift Vibrations High [Buddhism]. Pray To Our God [Higher Power] & Dear Universe. Embracing The Love.. Joy.. Peace & Light Within Me.

iSpit Poetry. iLiveSpokenWord. [.That's My Way Of Venting & Expressing Myself. Sometimes Even Keeping Myself 4rm Hurting Others [lmao] & Becoming Criminally INSANE.]

Follow Me.. & Get 2 Kno Me.

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My Pretty/Cute Boi Challenge Collage

#IGuessImCute #Lmao #PrettyBoi #AndroLife #AllSmiles #LovingMe

Today’s Smoothie.. :)

A Banana
An Apple
An Orange
Coconut Milk
Flax Seeds
& Honey <3

#Yummy #Delicious #HealthyEating #SmoothieOfTheDay #RawLife #Lol

That Moment Where You Have Nothing Better to Do So You Take a Selfie :-*

#Boredom #Relaxing #ThinkingOnMyFuture #ImCuteTho #YouDontLikeIt #Shrugs #IKnowSomebodyThatDoes <3

New to You. Old to Me .
Free Hugs Event. ❤❤❤

#Tbt #FreeHugs #HadABlast

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I Have The ❤ of a Child..
Something I’d Never Change. 😘

#CherishIt #DontBreakIt #LoveYourselfFirst

Someone Who Listens..
Someone Who Understands..

Someone Who Is Patient With Me..

Someone Who Can Be My Calm When I Need That..
Someone Who Can Be My Cheerleader When I Need That..

Someone Who Can Set Me Straight Yet Give Me That Warm Embrace When I Need It Most Like My Mother..

Someone Who Spoils Me & Has The Spirit of a Big Kid Yet Always Goes Thru Great Lengths to Make Sure I Have Exactly What I Need Like My Father..

Someone Who I May Fight With & May Get On My Nerves Yet Always Has My Back Like My Sister..

Someone Who I Can Be Myself With & Show Myself to, The Person Who Knows Exactly When I Need to Be Hugged or Touched or Attention from Without Me Having to Say a Word Like My Brother..

Someone Who Sees Me, Believes In Me & Is Always There to Remind Me How Beautiful, Wonderful, Loving, Caring etc. That I Am; How Great I Can Be; & How I Am Loved By Them Always No Matter What Like My Grandma..

Someone Who May Make Fun of Me Just So We Can Laugh 2gthr, Who Teaches Me New Things, Who Sees The Passion in Me & Continues to Help Me Do The Best I Can to Reach for Those Dreams & Operate from My Highest Self, Who Reminds Me That This Thing Called Life is Bigger Than Me & The Purpose Set Out for Me Will Be Carried Out Once The Time Is Right Like My Poppy..

Someone Who Lifts Me Up When Im Down & Refuses to See Me Fall/Fail, Who Stays Connected to Me, Who Accepts Me Flaws & All, Who Will Always Be There for Me Esp When I Need Them Most Like My Family.

This May Seem Like A Big List of Things.. But Its Impt to Me In Someone I Would Call My Soulmate.
&Dont Worry.. I Will Always Be Willing to Do The Same for Them. ‪


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Will that make me something?
Will I be something?
Am I something?

And the answer comes: already am, always was, and I still have time to be


“Here Am I” – Anis Mojgani

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More good vibes here

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There’s This Weight of Sadness That I Feel Today.. Although I Woke Up in Joy Simply Bcz It Is MJs Birthday. Ive Watched His Music Videos Most of The Day & He Has Been Heavy on My Mind.. That & All Thats Happened in Ferguson.

I Think of Michael & All He’d Done in His Lifetime to Push for World Peace & The Positivity & Activism He Displayed Day to Day.. & Within His Music Videos & Lyrics. I Can Feel The Weight of His Sadness.. The Tears He’s Cried Looking Down on Our Nation & Its Current State.

I Know That Even Now in Spirit He is Still Fighting for That Same Peace He So Believed The World Could Reach & Be & Exist Within.
I Miss Him Dearly & Thank Him for All His Efforts to Wake Us Up & See The World & The Way Things Were Through His Eyes.

Random Shotz from Pride This Past Sunday.. <3 I LOVED It ^_^

#CharlottePride2014 #RandomIsh #EnjoyedThisYear #LeAnnRimesOnStage #AmazingPerformance #WackProtestors #ButWeStoodUpForUS

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