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iAspire to Work With Children [.I LOVE Them.].. Hope to One Day Become An Occupational Therapist Specializing In The Care Of Handicap Children.

iHave A BIG Heart.. Caring.. Compassionate.. Very Affectionate.. LoveyDovey Type Person.

Family FIRST.. I Would Do Anything for Those I Cherish & Love.

iLove Expressions Of One's Mind/Spirit In Every Form [Music, Photography, Tattoo's, Piercing's, Art, SpokenWord.. Etc.]

QUEER [To Say The Least]. Androgynous Even (Look It Up).

I Fall Somewhere Between An Older Woman & A Young Man. Can Throw On Some Heels.. Although I Prefer A Nice Fedora, Button Up, & A Tie. [.I DONT Discriminate.. Or Knock Any Elses Sexual Decisions. I Myself Date Both Studs & Fems. (I Prefer Studs) But I Am A LESBIAN.. Meaning A WOMAN Who Loves Other WOMEN. Clothes Dont Make A Person. All People Make A Name For Themselves (#knowledge).]

iLove.. Love.. It's Like Breathing In Air for Me.. Constantly Flowing.. Always Available.. Just Waiting to Be Embraced.

iChant To Lift Vibrations High [Buddhism]. Pray To Our God [Higher Power] & Dear Universe. Embracing The Love.. Joy.. Peace & Light Within Me.

iSpit Poetry. iLiveSpokenWord. [.That's My Way Of Venting & Expressing Myself. Sometimes Even Keeping Myself 4rm Hurting Others [lmao] & Becoming Criminally INSANE.]

Follow Me.. & Get 2 Kno Me.

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Its Been a While Since I’ve Taken a Picture of Myself or Even Looked In Mirror for Too Long. When I Feel Emotional or Depressed.. I Guess I Just Don’t Like to Capture or Face It. 😖😳 But Through All This.. I’ve Learned That If I Can’t Face Myself.. Or Love Myself.. Through The Ups & Downs.. I Can’t Expect Anybody Else To Either. ❤

#Face #LoveYourselfFirst

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Dearest Lunch..
How I Love Thee.. Let Me Count The Ways. I Promise That I Will Take My Time to Romance You.. As I Take Each & Every Bite. ❤

😂😂 #Lmao #ImDumbIKnow
#Yummy #FoodPorn #TodaysLunch #Yes #OfCourse #IMadeIt #Lol #NowItsTimeToSmash #MmMm

#Basically #HopefulWishing #MissingAffection #WantingThis #SoonHopefully

Thanks to My Parents.. I Am Officially a Member of The Narcolepsy Network. 😆😉❤😁😄

#LoveMyParents #AmazingFamilyIHave #MySupportSystem #NarcolepsyNetwork

Thanks to My Parents.. I Am Officially a Member of The Narcolepsy Network. 😆😉❤😁😄

#LoveMyParents #AmazingFamilyIHave #MySupportSystem #NarcolepsyNetwork

My Dinner Though ❤
Salmon & Power Greens 😄
( Kale. Spinach. & Chard. )

#Yummy #FoodPorn #DinnerTime #HealthyEating #TheGoodStuff #Smash

I Miss This Shirt ❤

#ThrowBack #Random

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I Had a Dream That Someone Fell In Love With Me.. & I Fell for Them All The Same. I Woke Up Only Wanting to Fall Asleep Again. Wanting to See Their Face & Touch Their Skin & Hold Them Close Again.

No One Will Ever Understand This.. Not Even The Ones I Love The Most.. Those I Am Closest To. For If They Did.. Maybe Things Would Be Different. 3

I Know This Pain Well

And It Feels Like.. A BrokenHeart.
Thats What You Didnt Understand.

But I Know This Lesson All Too Well.. Those Who Are Hurt/Broken Can Do Nothing More But Hurt Others.

So.. I Put My Cooking Skills to Work Earlier. I Had Fun Too. 😃

#CookingWoman #SomethingLight #ForTheKids #AfternoonSnack #HadFun ❤

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