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iAspire to Work With Children [.I LOVE Them.].. Hope to One Day Become An Occupational Therapist Specializing In The Care Of Handicap Children.

iHave A BIG Heart.. Caring.. Compassionate.. Very Affectionate.. LoveyDovey Type Person.

Family FIRST.. I Would Do Anything for Those I Cherish & Love.

iLove Expressions Of One's Mind/Spirit In Every Form [Music, Photography, Tattoo's, Piercing's, Art, SpokenWord.. Etc.]

QUEER [To Say The Least]. Androgynous Even (Look It Up).

I Fall Somewhere Between An Older Woman & A Young Man. Can Throw On Some Heels.. Although I Prefer A Nice Fedora, Button Up, & A Tie. [.I DONT Discriminate.. Or Knock Any Elses Sexual Decisions. I Myself Date Both Studs & Fems. (I Prefer Studs) But I Am A LESBIAN.. Meaning A WOMAN Who Loves Other WOMEN. Clothes Dont Make A Person. All People Make A Name For Themselves (#knowledge).]

iLove.. Love.. It's Like Breathing In Air for Me.. Constantly Flowing.. Always Available.. Just Waiting to Be Embraced.

iChant To Lift Vibrations High [Buddhism]. Pray To Our God [Higher Power] & Dear Universe. Embracing The Love.. Joy.. Peace & Light Within Me.

iSpit Poetry. iLiveSpokenWord. [.That's My Way Of Venting & Expressing Myself. Sometimes Even Keeping Myself 4rm Hurting Others [lmao] & Becoming Criminally INSANE.]

Follow Me.. & Get 2 Kno Me.

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Random Shotz from Pride This Past Sunday.. <3 I LOVED It ^_^

#CharlottePride2014 #RandomIsh #EnjoyedThisYear #LeAnnRimesOnStage #AmazingPerformance #WackProtestors #ButWeStoodUpForUS

My Morning Smoothie <3

Mixture Of:
— Vanilla Coconut Milk
— Bananas
— Strawberries
— Blueberries
— Rasberries
— Flax Seeds
— & Honey ^_^

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LEO Horoscope via Daily Horoscope

Thursday August, 14 2014

Someone you thought you knew well may reveal a new dimension. This revelation may throw you for a loop because you have to now reevaluate everything you thought you knew about this person. After all, your perception was obviously wrong, right? Well, not necessarily Leo. Just because you have discovered some surprising aspect to this person does not mean that everything else you know and are familiar with is wrong or suspect. It just means there is something deeper you haven’t seen yet. But this actually adds something special, so be open-minded.

Friday August, 15 2014

Someone you love very much drives you a bit crazy. This fact is extremely obvious right now, Leo, and it may be on your mind. Even though this person does quite a lot for you, going out of the way all the time to make your life easier, there are still things that drive you to distraction. Maybe there are odd habits or preferences that you find difficult to deal with. But you need to keep in mind that this challenging relationship is extremely important to you, and your life would not be the same without this person in it.

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Can You Resist It.. ? 😏😉😝😄

#MySmileThatIs #RandomShotz #S4S4F #AndroLife #AllSmiles #LovingMyself

😍😘 SOS Babie ❤💕

#StudOnStud #StudsLovingStuds #S4S #StudsMakeMeSmile #LoveThemBois #AWeaknessOfMine

Its Not That I Need a Relationship.. But I Want One. Simply Bcz I Miss It Soooo Much.. Its Been Almost 2 Yrs Now & That’s a True Record for Me Bcz I’m Usually Not Single This Long.
&I Know Its Not a Bad Thing Bcz It Gives Time to Fall In Love With Myself Again.. & Take Care of Personal Matters & Handle Things I Need to So I Can Continue to Grow & Be at My Best.

Being Single Just Sucks Sometimes.. for The Simple Fact That I Like Giving My Love and Attention to Only One Person. Flirting is Becoming Even More Boring than Before. I Just Want One Person I Can Wake Up To & Talk to Daily & Fall Asleep With At Night. One Person That Wants to Text Me First Thing in The Morning & Send Sweet Msgs Throughout The Day. Someone to Shower Me With Love.. Attention & Affection. &Of Course.. I Do The Same.

I Miss That Sooo Much.


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#GoodConvoPlz ❤

😍 More Birthday Shots.. 🎂

#TheBirthdayBoi #LEOSeason #July26th #ATLBirthdays #EPICBirthday #MissATLAlready

🎉🎂Birthday Shenanigans🎂🎊

The #TurnUP in Atlanta was Amazing This Past Weekend Thanks to My Buddies in GA. Wish I Could Do It All Again.. ❤💕

#July26th #Im24YearsOld #ATLBirthdays #EPICBirthday #IncredibleFriends #GoodTimes #EnjoyedEveryMomentOfIt

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